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The Character Animation Explainer Toolkit is a revolutionary product. Design characters, pick animations & create explainer videos right inside After Effects.

Thousands of features, refined over more than a year of research. Character design & animation will never be the same.

Character Studio

Create unique characters using the most advanced character creation package on the market. Easily build characters from a single intuative panel using simple controls like sliders & checkboxes.

Over 30 pre-made characters included. Start from any of the included characters and customise to build your own!

Some of the features

Modify character length and all body proportions.

Change torso shape, modify thickness & roundness.

Having the ability to add muscles, including chest, shoulders, biceps, hip muscles & calves.

Easily add a round belly & re-position it over the character.

Add shirts, jackets, blazers, cardigans, hoodies, coats & sweaters. Customise with the included buttons & zippers, pockets, badges & more.

Including accessories like; bowties, ties, clothes straps, necklaces, scarfs, neck collars, cameras, headphones & more.

Add a skirt and shape it however you like by simply dragging its corners!

Modify waist height, with auto belt re-positioning. Choose from different belts & pick any color.

Change sleeve length, color & thickness. Control top & bottom sleeves indipendently.

Modify hand size and blend between 50 hand poses using the included hand rig.

Add watches, tattoos, bands & more. Choose from 38 hand accessories.

Choose any leg shape. Modify size, thickness, height, roundness & position.

Change pants length, color & thickness. Control top & bottom pants indipendently.

Modify socks height & color. Choose from different patterns change its rotation & size.

Complete boot ankle control, choose chin & ankle colors, height & width.

Change feet size & color. Pick from 15 shoes styles & customise with the included shoe laces & accessories.

Head Design Studio

The most advanced head design package.


Head shape control

A unique system, allowing you to control the forehead & chin separately. Control their width, height, roundness & more. You can achieve any head shape imaginable!


Want something more? Try the V Head Shape switch and change the look completely with a single click.


Additional head features

65 Hair styles in 5 sections. Choose & combine styles from each section to design unique styles. Change colors, add patterns & hair wind.

Individual size & color control for pupils & outer eyes.

Choose from 42 noses. Modify size, color & position.

25 Mustaches to choose from, with rotation animation control.

Choose from different forehead textures.

22 eye brow styles.

21 Ear styles included. Accesorise with 10 ear rings.

Choose from 20 cheek textures.

Including 25 beard styles.

Full mouth control. Change size, colors & position of lips, tongue, teeth & inner mouth.

Accessorise using the included helmets, hats & glasses, with full color control & animation features.

200+ Loopable Animations

We believe that the key to great explainer videos lies within good animation. This toolkit delivers 200 fluid animations made from real world studies. This leads to the most captivating set of animations available on the market.

A truly revolutionary animation system. Load character animations with a single click & use them with any character.

180 Degree Character Rotation

Powerful character rig with the ability to smoothly rotate from side to side. Animations normally face a specific side, but you can still make them animate in the opposite direction. Simply, flip the character after export.

Character Rig

Advanced users will love the included character rig. Professional features to create your own animations.

Two rigs included, simply click & switch to smooth rubberhose limbs rig. The smooth limbs rig come with knee & elbow control.

Head Animation Suite

A full head animation package like you have never seen. Animate your character from a single intuative panel!

3D like face rotation

Animate the head & eyes by dragging a controller. The head will automatically turn to look at it!

56 Face Expressions

A unique solution, where you can animate from one expression to the other smoothly. Like in real life!

Apply face & mouth expressions using simple sliders. Giving you the ability to blend between expressions to create your own!

Lip-Sync Expressions

Lip-sync expressions included, covering the whole alphabet & the main phonetics.

Hand Rig

A full featured hand rig included, with 50 hand gestures, using sliders. Easily blend gestures together!

Scene Designer

Over 200 vector images, all packed in one After Effects package. Easily change colors, add animations & build your own scenes.

Object Animations

Bring your scenes to life with 50 object animations.


Build scenes and move from one to the other using the included transitions.

Animated Titles

We have even thrown in a pack of animated titles. It is simply a one stop solution for explainer videos.

Help Videos & User Guide Included

When using the toolkit, it is expected to have basic understanding of Adobe After Effects. With such a feature packed product, we really put in our effort to make the most comprehensive set of videos covering all aspects. We have also included a detailed user guide covering each feature.


Update 1.2

– Added Auto Lip-Sync


The toolkit now now ships with one of the most advanced and easy to use auto-lip syncing plugins. You can even use facial expressions and mouth expressions while lip-syncing to achieve completely unique professional head animations quickly.

– Added Auto Face Animation with voice


The eyes and face features will now automatically react and move as the character speaks.

– Added a Boost Performance feature.


Update 1.4

– Fixed a bug for lip syncing, when After Effects is not in English.

– Added 2 new Arab Characters (the toolkit now has 33 characters).

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